BPO firms look after the partners’ business service well and help companies’ lower workload. BPOs’ best deal in call support services where they contact the partners’ business customers and work to solve their queries. Call centers face extreme competition and amid all India is successfully able to address itself as a country serving the best outsourcing services. There are several benefits to outsourcing to an external experienced partner and here we collect the benefits of outsourcing BPO services to the Indian organizations:

24X7 availability

India has an expert workforce available and organizations here hire employees for both night shift and morning shift. This is why the companies here are able to make agents available at your service 24X7. Having round the clock service, Indian BPOs have the benefit of making your business service available to the customer whenever they need it irrespective of time differences.

Educated workforce

The best part about Indian call center services is that it has a skilled workforce to perform business tasks and deal with clients, and that is why taking care of customer satisfaction is easy for them. India’s major population lies under 30, which makes an educated workforce available easily. Moreover, with high-educated staff, Indian employees have language proficiency and can easily handle international clients.

Cheap labor

Every business wants a partner in budget and India makes labor available within budget. As compared to US companies where hiring a team for business functions can cost very expensive, India helps your business get cheap labor and thus saves many expenses to be used later when required.

Lower operational cost

Outsourcing helps to lower operational costs for businesses and when outsourcing to Indian BPOs, costs are less as services are cheap, which makes India the most loved outsourcing destination for international organizations. After all, every business wants a partner that gives enhanced service with cost-saving.







What are some recent services being outsourced to India?

There are many services outsourced to India. Here some of the most common one’s:

Call Center work: Especially companies in English speaking countries, will set up call centers or outsource their work to call center companies in India. The subcontinent boasts of a large English speaking labor force.

Software development: The Indian industry and the government as well have a focus on the IT sector. Therefore there are many IT companies big and small in India. They can develop mobile apps, web applications, software tools, and many other things.

Especially interesting is the development of cloud-based solutions via companies in India because these kinds of works are location independent.

Virtual Assistant: Many people in Europe might want to have people to do their standard tasks, like making appointments, writing standard Emails, and many more. A virtual assistant from India can help here. They will do all kinds of work for you.

Testing services: Nowadays more and more testing services are offered on the subcontinent. This is because it usually needs a great number of well-trained testing engineers to get the work done. And in India, they are readily available. It might be difficult to find 100 testing engineers in one go in a European country or in the US, in India it will be possible.

Server management: Servers need to be monitored 24/7, i.e all the time around. It will be very expensive to maintain such a service in a western country, as it is a work which does not need that much experience. So hiring a dedicated server maintenance team in India can be a good idea.

Accounting services: Large companies have a lot of accounting work to do. Most of the time it is standard work, which can be handed over to outsourcing companies.

Legal work: Some legal tasks are tedious, many hundreds of pages need to be researched. A law fresher and lawyers with a few years’ experience have rather low salaries in India and are happy to do this kind of work in their beginning years. Whereas it might be too expensive to do it in a western country as even a junior lawyer will get a high salary and the costs would become too high for clients.

Dedicated IT Staff: Some software companies, web agencies, and IT departments face challenges to hiring developers in their own countries, as there is sometimes a shortage of experienced programmers. In that case, they will hire developers on a long-term basis abroad. India has a large pool of software talent, so the subcontinent has become a place of choice to hire developers that way. This company offers these kinds of services: Your software developer works in our premises in India (Disclaimer: I own and run this company)


There are many types of works that can be outsourced to India. Some are more ideal, some less. Always check whether it makes sense to outsource it, or whether it is better to do it locally.