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Onboarding Process


Tell us your need

Our technology expert will understand your business need for manpower and workspace


Interview and Hiring

After carefully screening we arrange interview for selection of right candidate for your company.


Workspace Setup

With your unique need we will set infrastructure to optimise and secure your development.

Outstaffing Services

Create a Dream Team

Work24 outstaffing solutions in Ukraine provide clients with access to a vast pool of talent at a cost nearly 60% cheaper than Western markets. You get a team built to your specification and for a fraction of the cost.

Use our staff augmentation services to help:

  • Scale your development for peak loads
  • Improve company focus
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce and control operating costs
  • Increase flexibility
Outsourcing Services

Let's not Waste Time

Personnel outsourcing is easy with our process, geared towards speed and efficiency.

  • An ideal candidate profile is created
  • We launch a labor market campaign to source potential candidates
  • We shortlist your candidates CV’s based on the candidate profile
  • You make an offer and we negotiate for the best offer for you and your needs.


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Increase In Monthly


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