Remote Developers are comparatively more productive and affordable in India

Most of the time software developers are rated on the basis of their productivity rather than their ability to perform various tasks. A software remote Developer can be more productive, while working in his own time zone, and can bring much more in 4 hours than someone working in your premises for a typical 8 hours.

A remote developer can complete the same work in halftime they don’t have to travel to office premises they don’t take coffee break. They work with their own comfort and bring the best output within time. And the cherry on the cake is that with the help of a software development outsourcing company in India you can get an even more affordable price.


Whatever your requirements are, you can still get the best talent

Developers, who are specialized in specific technologies are always high in demand. This makes it very challenging to find one instantly, when you are in need. A Developer specialized in cutting edge technology like NodeJS and Microservices or Progressive Web Apps, cannot be found instantly, no matter how much you are willing to pay.

By taking remote hiring as an option, you will be expanding your access to a larger pool . You can hire dedicated remote software Developers from anywhere, including those who may not want to travel to your location, but can still competently work as a full-time dedicated Developer project. Asia and more specifically  India is known for best software developer

Lower infrastructure cost

A workplace needs to be built in a great location, with the top design architecture, with the best technology and systems infrastructure, and that is highly appealing for the people to work there, will definitely not come for you at a lower cost. By hiring remote Developers, you don’t need to spend much on a physical workplace.

Whenever you hire a remote Developer, you are bringing down the cost up to an extent, through paying them only for their work, and for the completion of your project. Everything will be taken care of by the IT Vendor from whom you have hired remote Developers like The system they work on, the cost for broadband connection, you do not need to include all these in the package you pay to them.

This is why most startups use a remote hiring process who can’t afford an office space or whose office is not spacious enough to equip the number of employees they need to execute their project.

Lower employment costs

When you hire a full time developer rather than a remote developer you have to take care of many things apart from salary like medical benefits, insurance, travel allowance, and so on. More perks like bonus, over time etc.

When you hire a dedicated remote Developer, these expenses come in the domain or from the outsource company you hired the remote Developer.  

Availability around the Clock

We live in a world where we want our things to get done immediately; everyone nowadays lacks patience. If Facebook is down we want it to get back to normal instantly not in hours or in days, similarly if an application is facing a bug we want it to be repaired immediately.

In traditional work culture, this is hard to achieve unless you have a team that is ready to work day and night. If you hire dedicated remote Developers working in another time zone, you will have a round-the clock team, with nonstop development, nonstop integration and nonstop deployment. 


Your Company will be prepared for the remote work future

The upcoming work culture is remote which means you don’t need to own a huge work space in a tech park or a large IT hub.

So it’s better to get future ready and get familiar with a system that will overtake the current system.

It also comes at one third cost of the cost compared with owning a workplace. Don’t let your company remain outdated just because you’re not getting enough resources


Experienced Developers, who work remotely are more motivated


After implementing Scrum, there is a noticeable difference in the motivation levels of experienced remote team members. — Motivation and Autonomy in Global Software Development, Global Sourcing of Digital Services: Micro and Macro Perspectives

Remote hiring can be risky, provided the remote Developers are not furnished with the right systems to manage remote work and communication.

Project tracker tools like Jira, Communication channels like Zoom screen sharing and slack, time tracker like Time Doctor, active processes, daily scrum stand up calls can assist you stay connected with them throughout and it is also one of the finest motivational factors for the remote Developers to work.

Availability around the Clock (E.g. DevOps)

To make that happen, tech companies require consistent ways to track consumer feedback, fix bugs, and release the updated and greatest product.” — 6 Remote Team Trends,


So are you Ready to do   outsourcing in India!!