On what parameter do we categorize good or bad outsource developing firms?

Before categorizing the outsourcing firm, let’s categorize the country to look first. The very first thing you want to look for when determining the best countries to outsource software development to are lower costs, a highly developed IT market, a high-quality educational infrastructure, and the ability to communicate in your preferred language. These factors create a large talent pool of skilled tech workers for you to choose from. The country where you can expect all these factors to be available in India.

Definitely the quality of the product delivered by Indian and the price you pay is quite satisfying. This is the reason why tech giants like Amazon, IBM, AIRBUS and Apple etc. like to outsource in India.

Factors you should keep in mind while choosing an outsourcing firm is:

  •   The resources and technology used by the company: the company you are hiring your assignment, are they packed enough for the task? Does the vendor have an office with up-to-date systems and can handle the most rigorous of the outsourcing functions.
  •   Capability to meet  deadlines: timeliness is one of the most essential things you should check before handling tasks. You must check their earlier records to ensure whether they are reliable or not.
  •   Who will lead the team: You can’t just have blind faith in the outsourcing team even if you’re saving significantly by hiring them. Find out all that you can, including the team members who’ll be working on the projects and who’ll lead that team.

Considering the above factors I can surely assure you that there are plenty of Outsourcing Firms in India which can fulfill these factors. A firm in my knowledge is Work24 if you are looking to outsource developers, work24 is one of the best you can get. They have good prior records and also backed up by a great team.