Remote work is a powerful tool. It’s an opportunity for employees to achieve a better work-life balance, avoiding the tiring daily commutes and traveling costs of going to work. This modern work style is also great for companies that want to cut down on office overhead and access a broader talent pool.

Now because of covid, 70% of the workforce will be working remotely which we know it. Your employee starts with a CV and a cover letter. They respond to your job offer and you have to choose the right one for this job. What may seem like an easy task can turn into a complete disaster. At work24 you can eliminate all these problems.




It takes a long time. Global remote job advertising could attract hundreds of applicants or even thousands for larger companies, and scrolling through hundreds of resumes takes considerable time and effort.


Finding the best fit from the large pool


It is not a method that guarantees that you will end up hiring the strongest candidate. Almost everyone embellishes their resumes; You should be interested in the content of the person, not the document.


If you, like us, have a strong opinion on this, we recommend opting for work24. Our sourcer who is highly trained to manage Recruitment on your behalf. They also have access to 1 CR+ Resumes and LinkedIn Recruiter. We also provide various services like Talent Search, Approach, Interview, Background Check. We can help you hire your next candidate or team from the 10mn Talent pool from WORK24 Cross border Employment Solution along with Workplace for the short or long term.


Less interaction and collaboration


With a remote team, you can miss things like team meetings, brainstorming sessions, workdays, and opportunities for workers to socially interact and build relationships. This makes it more difficult to forge a distinctive company culture.

But if you want to create opportunities for remote staff to communicate and interact.




“Wait, I thought employee retention was an advantage of being remote?” We know but listen to us. As with most things, this coin has two sides. High turnover and weaker attachment to a position can be a problem when hiring remote employees if you don’t keep them engaged and valued enough.


The best way to avoid this is to trust your employees. It is vital in any role, remote or not, but in a distributed team environment, where it can be tempting to try to overcompensate for a perceived loss of control with management, don’t do it. Trust your team, let them take ownership of projects, congratulate them when they do well, and support them when they need to improve.


Possible communication problems


Probably the problem with hiring remote employees is limited face-to-face communication with your team. It can be difficult to establish a relationship as fast or intimate as in an office environment where you are very close to your colleagues for most of the day.

However, with a little concentration and effort, this can be easily overcome.


A solution to this: we arrange daily morning meetings that are very informal and serve as a coffee chat at the beginning of our days. We can also arrange team games every Friday morning and host meetings in a few months, so we can spend time together in person exploring.


Technological problems


No matter how you look at it, remote work is 100% dependent on various technologies running smoothly. However, there will inevitably be times when things go wrong. If you work with a team scattered around the world, you may have staff in regions where the Internet is not as good or where technology is more prone to setbacks.


The best way to avoid this is to incorporate potential problems into your planning strategy so that you can easily mitigate the risks. If budget permits, providing all employees with basic equipment like laptops or offering to cover their Wi-Fi costs can be a good place to start.


At work24 you can eliminate all these problems. We use the best way to hire remote employees to by pre-employment skills tests. Used in the initial stages of hiring, it can save considerable time and effort.


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